I am a Candidate for
Salt Lake County Clerk

My name is Lannie Chapman and I am running for Salt Lake County Clerk.

Election administration has never been so tested in the history of our nation. I am energized and committed to continuing the excellent legacy of well-run elections in Salt Lake County.
I hope to have the confidence of Salt Lake County voters in November.

Addressing Your Concerns

I became the Chief Deputy Clerk in 2019. Over the past three years, our country, and our county, has experienced times like never before. From managing elections in the midst of a pandemic to questions about the safety and security of our elections, I am qualified and experienced to seek the seat of County Clerk.

Your Vote

Since I became Chief Deputy Clerk, we have:

  • Coordinated with FBI and Homeland Security for protection of our processes, our ballots, and our people.

  • Tightened controls on access to all of our secure areas.

  • Hired UPD to assist because staff was being threatened.

  • Added security elements to poll worker training.

Your Trust

  • We will soon be implementing Background Checks for all of our permanent and temporary staff and poll workers.

  • We have hosted an innumerable number of tours and meetings to explain step by step the entire process of vote-by-mail and how we process your ballots.

  • The Lt. Governor, many State legislators and former legislators have toured and after seeing our processes told us they believed in the integrity of our systems.

Utah is a Model of Election Security and Integrity

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Lt. Governor Henderson says, "Utah is a Model of Election Security and Integrity" on her website.

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In January 2020, we were awarded the 2019

U.S. Elections Assistance Commission's Clearie Award for

Outstanding Innovations in Elections.

For more about our award 

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Show Your Support


Friends, it will take tremendous community support to win in November so we can continue protecting your vote.  Volunteers are at the very heart of our mission and we would love if you would join our team. Whether you want to help plan the next event, share information on social media, or would simply place a sign in your yard, we would be so appreciative.
This is a county-wide race, and it will take a large investment to reach from Salt Lake City to Bluffdale. Please consider making a monetary contribution to LannieForClerk.com and support my candidacy. Please get in touch today and see how we can work together to save and protect your vote.

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